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Frequently Asked Questions


What is wrong with using Spiderwire, Fusion, Fireline or any of the Kevlar lines for Night Bluefishing?  

We do not allow Spiderwire on our Night Bluefishing trips!
We apologize for any inconvenience but we feel its much better this way.

Night Bluefishing can get a little hectic when the fishing is good. There can be 10 guys or more fighting fish at the same time and tangles are inevitable. Mono filament can be untangled quickly but Spiderwire almost always has to be cut or takes a fair amount of time to be untangled. Spiderwire is expensive and we have found most anglers don't want there line to be cut, which is understandable. Also, Spiderwire can and has, cut the mates hands, because it is very thin and very strong. If pulled quickly across your hand it can leave a nasty slice.  The idea behind Spiderwire is no stretch and better feeling of bites but when you get a blue on the end of your line, even mono, there is no question a fish is there. Thats why the decision was made not to allow Spiderwire on our Night Bluefish trips.

What about alcoholic beverages?      

Yes! The Norma-K fishing fleet does allow alcoholic beverages, but we do not allow any hard liquor of any kind at any time. We also have a 3 beers per person limit on our vessel. The three beers per person is strictly enforced on our night bluefishing trips and we do check coolers before you board the vessel. We would like everyone to come out and have a great time, have a glass of wine or drink a beer or two. But we do not allow the excessive drinking aboard our vessel. We keep a high standard and feel the excessive alcohol consumption is better left in the bars.

Why  is the ocean temperature cold and seem "dirty" even though its the middle of the summer?

Here is an excellent explanation of why this happens. Upwelling

Do I need to make reservations?

No reservations are ever needed on our 1/2 day and 1/2 night trips. During the winter you need reservations for the Monday all day trips.  You should arrive approximately 45 minutes prior to sailing and proceed to get on board.  Fees are collected on the boat during its sail out.

Where do I park?

There is plenty of free parking behind the boat right at Ken's Landing for all of our customers.

What do I need to bring?

Only yourself. We have rods available if you need to rent one. If you prefer your own equipment,  you may bring it along. Bait is always free! You should always bring extra hooks when blue fishing, as they are good to have on hand when the fish are really hitting. Extra clothing in the winter, spring and early summer is a must, the water is cold even though the air may be warm.

What type of fishing equipment is needed?

Winter Flounder Fishing:    12lb light action Spinning or Boat Rod
Summer Flounder (Fluke): 12lb-30lb Spinning or Boat Rod depending on how much drift (wind) there may be.
Bluefish:                            30lb-40lb Spinning or Boat Rods.
Wreck Fishing:                  30lb-40lb Boat Rods.
Mackerel                          30lb-40lb Boat Rods.

What tackle do I need to bring?

If you are not familiar with the right rigs and hooks stop by a local tackle shop and pick up a few rigs before you get to the boat. Always bring extra hooks for the night bluefish trips! If you forget to grab a few rigs don't worry we have them for sale onboard. Here are the sinkers you may need: Winter Flounder Fishing:      1oz-5oz  Bank Sinkers
Summer Flounder (Fluke):   4oz-12oz Bank Sinkers
Bluefish:                              2oz-6oz Egg Sinkers
Wreck Fishing:                    8oz-12oz Bank sinkers
Mackerel: 8oz-10oz Bank sinkers or 8oz and up Diamond Jig's I think the heavier weights are better! Heavy sinkers help everyone control their lines better. I have found the 4oz jigs and weights will cause most of the tangles we encounter. You may use what ever you like these are just suggestions.

Are there rest rooms on board?

Yes, we have separate ladies and gentlemen's accommodations.

What about food and beverages?

The Norma-K III is equipped with a full galley/snack bar for our customers' convenience.  The items in the snack bar range from hamburgers and hot dogs to chips and M&M’s.  Beverages available include coffee, various sodas, and bottled water.      The Norma-K II and Miss Point Pleasant also have snack bars, but on a smaller scale.

Can I bring my own food and beverages?

Of course.  We have several tables inside the cabin and plenty of seating outside to enjoy your meal.

What should I wear?

The best thing to do is always have extra clothing on hand. Layer clothing or pack a small bag with additional clothing.  Temperatures and wind speeds can change dramatically even if you are only a small distance from port.  Also, remember the sunscreen and sunglasses, even if it is off season.  The sun is exceptionally strong when it is reflected off of the water.  Your day will be more enjoyable if you are comfortable, so please make sure you are warm and protected.

What if I have never fished before?

Don't worry, we have an excellent crew that will explain what you need to do and when you have to do it.

Will I get seasick?

Probably not.  Each person has a different reaction to the motion of the boat.   If you feel you may be susceptible to motion sickness, inquire with your doctor about an over the counter or prescription medication that will alleviate the problem prior to sailing.  For your convenience, we sell Dramamine in the snack bar. Some medications require that you take them an hour before setting sail, so be sure to plan ahead if you are prone to seasickness.

What do I do with the fish that I catch?

A couple of things. You may take the fish home whole, or have the crew fillet them. Of course,  you may also throw them back. We offer bags for the fish at the snack bar. The deckhands will net/gaff your fish and will handle them if you like.

Is there fish cleaning services on board?

Yes,  The deck hands are available for fillet services in the stern of the boat on the return to port. The usual charge is $1.00 per fish.

Should  I tip the deck hands?

Absolutely, deck hands depend on their tips to supplement their livelihoods. Gratuities are not included in the regular fare or in the fish cleaning.

What do I do with the fish while I'm still fishing?

You may  bring along a bucket or cooler to keep fish fresh or purchase a throw-away bag on board. Ice is available at the dock prior to departure and upon return.

How do I get there?

We are conveniently located on the corner of Inlet Drive and Broadway in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ.  Check out our directions page for maps and directions from different locations.

What happens if nobody shows up except me to go fishing? Does the boat still sail?

No, the boat does not always sail! This is a very rare occurrence but it does happen a couple of times a season but for the most part we sail every day all year round'! We have a minimum number of people we need to sail. The number depends on where we have to go to catch fish and the weather conditions. ( See below about weather cancellations ) We do sail with as few as 5 passengers when we are fluke fishing or if our local wrecks are holding fish. During this time of year we do not have to travel far and the weather is generally nice near our inlet. So Please, if you are traveling a great distance or if you are going to be extremely upset if the boat does not sail call one of the captains the night before or email us a day or two in advance to make sure the boat is scheduled to sail. We are an open fishing boat which means we do not take reservations. We do not know in advance how many customers we will have on any given day but we generally have an idea by the number of phone calls or e-mail we receive ahead of time.

What if it rains or there is bad weather? Does the boat still sail?

Passenger safety is always our #1 priority.  The captains of our vessels have many years of experience and will cancel a trip if necessary but not very often.  For the most part, we sail regularly even if the weather is a bit turbulent.  Summertime showers usually come and go quickly.  If a shower does arise we have plenty of inside areas to stay dry. It is never a bad idea to bring along a slicker top or rain jacket. For up to the minute reports check out the Marine/Weather page.

If we have missed anything please email us and we will try to answer all your questions!


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